Broad Front Strategy

The way I’m approaching the Elthos project is very slow and plodding, but at the same time covers an enormous span over a large and varied terrain.  The basic strategic elements are the Elthos RPG, the Mythos Machine, the Professional Gamemaster Society, and the Literary Role Playing Game Society.  Each of these has a role to play in relation to the others, though at this point they are simmering in isolation, brewing a wondrous set of conceptual endeavors which at some point will begin to mingle and merge.  In the end I hope to see a unified array of societies that all help to bring out the best of everyone involved.  I think of RPGs as the 21st Century art form, and I’m intent on cobbling together the tools needed to master the craft.  So far so good.  The Mythos Machine has made wonderful progress, and I’m looking forward to it’s discovery.  The other projects are also making progress, sometimes fast, most times slow.  And it’s good, and nice to see.  I’ve made a lot of friends along the way, especially on my stomping grounds at Google+.  So thanks to all you folks who have been encouraging and helpful along the way, and I do hope to provide something fun and useful back to the community.  Still fine tuning things and whatnot, but I’m feeling pretty good about it, and think for the most part it’s probably ready for public consumption.  The Open Beta will go on for a little while more, and we’re going to make a final push for feedback centric usage soon, but at some point that phase will finish and we’ll move on from there.  I’m looking forward to it.

One Small Step for Elthos …

Nothing much, but as I make tiny steps in the direction of The Dream I will try to post them here to keep people informed as to progress.

Most recently I posted an Ad to Craigslist regarding Professional GMing gigs.   We’ll see if we get any nibbles on that line.  Other lines are being prepared.  Meanwhile steady progress is being made on the Elthos RPG & the Mythos Machine at for those who may be tracking that as well.

Hopefully everything will fit together into one beautiful picture and become something wonderful.  I’m working on it.  Wish me luck.  🙂