24_Card-back_FinalThe Elthos Game Club was started in 1992 in Chappaqua New York, running a Role Playing Game program for middle school kids through the local Community Center.  Since then we’ve run hundreds of games locally in different venues.

The Elthos Game Club uses the Elthos Role Playing Game for fast, light-weight and easy to manage games.  The setting and adventures are taylored to the maturity level and interests of the players.  All are welcome!

With the Elthos Role Playing Game, Players can log onto the website and use the Mythos Machine Web Application  to generate their Characters, modify them to a certain degree, and add to their Character’s histories.   It’s a wonderful utility and helps tremendously with the running of the game!

Also note that the Mythos Machine at http://Elthos.com is currently in Open Beta.  It also hosts the Elthos RPG Core Rules Book for download as a PDF.


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